Mouse without borders

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Mouse without borders

Post by Mort » Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:02 pm

Here's a net utility I've been using recently called Mouse without Borders. The idea is that you have a "main" computer with mouse and keyboard that you are setup to use, but you have additional computers/laptops as well that you use for other purposes. Using this util you can set the screens up beside each other and just move across the screen using the same mouse and keyboard in the same way as when you have a multi-monitor setup. ... MQLd-a4ZaQ

You can't drag windows/programs between different computers, but even just being able to use the same mouse and keyboard makes things so much easier and less cluttered.

I have it setup on my desk and just put my laptop down beside my desktop multi-monitor setup. The program automatically sees both computers are online and links them up, and I can just start using both machines fairly seamlessly.

It does other stuff as well like allow you to copy/paste across computers as well as drag and drop files from one computer to another.

If you happen to have a windows phone or tablet then it also allows you to use it as a mouse and keyboard as well.

Latest version download link can be found here: ... ons-16lup1