The BB Stats code - rules, usage, and support

For discussion of the BB stats code.
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The BB Stats code - rules, usage, and support

Post by Mort » Sat Sep 15, 2007 7:12 pm

Greetings and welcome to the BB Stats code forums. This page will attempt to explain how we would like to see the release and usage of this code in the wild.

While you are free to browse this forum, we would appreciate an introduction post in "The WaterCooler" to let us know who you are and where/how you would like to use the code.

An introductory post is *compulsory* for access to download the stats code!

*NOTE* EA has been promising a "public" BF2142 stats feed for some time and have still failed to deliver anything or give any information about one. They have warned that anyone using anyting other than the game itself or official EA stats site to get stats may result in having their IP address blocked from the current stats system. You will still be able to play the game, but you might not get your stats.
That said, we have been running our stats for over a year for about 20 players and have never had any issues whatsoever.

The boring bit:
1. This code is provided as-is. No warranty etc. etc. of any kind. If it causes smoke to come from your computer or computers of anyone looking at your stats then that's not our problem. This code is not a total solution and was only developed as far as our requirements needed it to be.

2. This code is largely the effort of clan BuddaBudda with some portions coming from others in the internet community. This post credits any contributors, but names of people in current code *must* remain intact!

3. This code is free for you to do whatever the hell you want to do with it. It might be useful, it might not, but we do request than any changes, mods, or improvements you make are posted back in this forum for others to use. Remember, if you share, others wil share, and it all only gets better.

4. We would appreciate a credit of some form with a link to our site on your own stats page. Partly to help feed our egos, and partly to let other people know where they can get the same code from and possibly grow the base of contributers for improvements.

5. We are not charging anything for this, so we are not able to guarantee any support. Feel free to post bugs, suggestions etc and if we can we will look at them, or others might decide to help. We also ask that you don't charge anything for it either.

While we can't (and don't intend to) enforce some of these rules, we might take it upon ourselves to make derogatory posts about your ethics and personal hygiene on various clan forums about the place... so play nice and we can all be friends :)

The stats as they run on our system use
* PHP for the retrieval code to insert into the DB. This runs as a scheduled task/cron job independant of any web server version
* MS SQL for the database
*IIS 6 for web serving, and ASP.VBscript for the display pages

The PHP code should run on anything that has php extension support. Apache/IIS etc.

A MySQL database could easily be used in place of MSSQL

Our pages are written in ASP.VBScript, but could be fairly easily adapted to use PHP or any other language you are familiar with. The code will at least give you ideas about how we have chosen to put the whole lot together.