Joystick problem and BF2 patch 1.5

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Joystick problem and BF2 patch 1.5

Post by Mort » Tue Jan 26, 2010 3:54 pm

In the new 1.5 patch there is support for a new controller thing called a Falcon. This device is automatically bound to various controls in BF2 and it causes problems with joysticks that stops the main joystick movement (up/down, left/right) from working. The twist, throttle and button actions still work though.


  • Go into your key bindings and on each key binding that has a "Falcon" button assigned, click and press ESC to clear that entry
  • When you then configure your joystick, assign the joystick controls to the *SECONDARY* input, otherwise the Falcon controls will be re-assigned back to those inputs and mess it up again.
  • If you have upgrade BF2, or copied in an old BF2 profile the you might not see those Falcon key bindings, in which case click the "Set to Default" button to reset all teh bindings and then follow the steps above.
Yet another "improvement" from EA.