Fixing reversed Yaw on joystick

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Fixing reversed Yaw on joystick

Post by Mort » Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:34 pm

Most people seem to have the problem with the Yaw on the joystick being reversed. Amazing things like this still slip through QA.

Here's the procedure to edit your BF:BC2 settings file:
• Exit the game.
• Find your BF:BC2 input settings directory. On Vista and Windows 7 this is C:\Users\[YourUserName]\Documents\BFBC2\input
• Backup these files to somewhere safe, in case you screw up!
• Use a text editor, e.g. Notepad, to edit the air.dbx file.

Look for the line that says:
<field name="Axis">IDA_Axis1Y</field>

Alternately, it might say "IDA_Axis1X", if you didn't have to fix the spinning yaw problem. Basically, it'll match whatever your joystick's yaw axis setting is in the "As Pilot" options page.

Two lines below this there will be a line that says:
<field name="ScaleValue">1</field>

Change this to read:
<field name="ScaleValue">-1</field>

Save the air.dbx file and when you run the game the direction should be reversed.