Zombie survival mod

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Zombie survival mod

Post by Mort » Sun Jul 08, 2012 2:28 pm

I was playing on a server last night that was running a Zombie survival mod. Absolutely hilarious.

It starts with one person as a zombie, and everyone else is on the other team as the humans.
Zombies can only use the knife to kill humans, and humans aren't allowed to use explosives/grenades/shotguns.
Zombies are really hard to kill, they have a lot of health.
When a zombie kills a human, that person is swapped to the zombie team and then becomes a zombie also
Only zombies can respawn if they are killed
Zombie win by killing all the humans
Humans win by killing a certain number of zombies (ratio based on how many people are on the server, something like 3x the number of players)

A lot of fun if you happen to find a server running it. It's not a ranked server though so you don't get awards or anything :)