Finding unread posts

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Finding unread posts

Post by Mort » Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:35 am

The forum tracks what messages you last read and will highlight any forums/topics in a different colour to indicate if there are new messages in there you haven't seen yet.
Check the bottom of the main page for what the different icons and colours mean.

All topics in the forums are sorted based on the last message received, so the most recently replied to topics will always be at the top of the list

At the top(ish) of the main page on the right hand side is a "View posts since last visit". This is probably the easiest way to keep up.

Once a topic has a lot of posts it can get tedious scrolling down to find the last one added. In this case just look for the "little arrow pointing at the little page" icon at the beginning of the topic subject or over near the name of the person who last posted it. Click that icon to jump to the new message. Even better, right click and open in a new windoe, then just close that window to go back to repeat with the other unread topics.