"Watching" topics for replies

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"Watching" topics for replies

Post by Mort » Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:41 am

If you want to be emailed when someone replies to a topic you are interested in, there are several options:

When you post a reply to a message, there is an option "Notify me when a reply is posted". Tick that box to "watch" the topic.

If you are just looking at the thread, at the bottom is a "Watch this topic for replies" link, click that to watch the topic.

If you are already watching a topic, there will be a "Stop watching this topic" link you can click on to stop watchng it.

When someone replies to the topic, you will get an email notifying you. If more people then reply, you won't get any more emails until you have gone and read the new messages. This way you don't get swamped with every single reply, but you still know when something new has been added.

The ability to be notified when new posts are added to a forum is being investigated. This will allow you to get a notification when any new messages in a forum are posted without you having to specifically watch all the topics.