Clan BuddaBudda BF2/BF2142 stats system

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Clan BuddaBudda BF2/BF2142 stats system

Post by Mort » Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:46 am

After much discussion, we have decided to release the code we are using for our Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 stats systems to any interested people who would like to use it for their own web site/clan pages. At the very least, we are sure you will find the code that just grabs the stats feed useful. The idea is to create something like for your own use, but as you are doing the download and datastore yourself you will have a lot more felxability to do whatever you want with the stats.

It's not a simple install type thing though, and will require some knowledge to implement, but the hard parts are all done and will just require some minor tweaking to suit your needs.

If you are interested, make sure you have created a forum account, and then go to the Stats group membership page to join the "BuddaBudda Stats System" group to see the stats forum.

Q. That's all very cool, but how much will it cost?
A. All prices are in Australian Dollars. The most we will ever charge is absolutely nothing (AU$0.00).

Q. Can you please use my email address to send me lots of spam and special offers?
A. Sorry, while we love spam as much as anyone else, we have no intention of using any of your details to spam you. The only emails you should get from us will be directly related to significant updates regarding the Stats System code.

Once you have access, make a post with your website/clan details in the forum to introduce yourself and let us know how you hope the code can help you. Then check out the following link for details to download it from this post in the Stats Code forum

Our stats pages as examples:
BF2142 clan leaderboard
BF2142 Individual stats, awards, progress, with player comparisons

BF2 clan leaderboard
BF2 Individual stats and awards

And because it's all stored in your very own database, you can do neat historical progress stuff like graphs